Meet the team

photo of Liam, Chris and Katie McCafferty
Liam, Chris and Katie

Our family caring for yours

The name "LCK" embodies Alan's commitment to his family, as it stands for Liam, Christopher, and Katie - his three children.

LCK Funeral Support continues to uphold its founding principles, providing indispensable assistance to funeral directors nationwide, and offering solace and support to families during their time of need.

photo of Alvin Myers from LCK Funeral Services
Alvin Myers

I have worked for LCK for two years. This has been my first job as I was a student before being offered a job. Thanks to the friendliness and the guidance that I was given I have been able to work to the best of my abilities and am glad that my first experience in the world of working has been so great.

photo of Clive Crack from LCK Funeral Services
Clive Crack

I find fulfillment in helping people during their time of need. I have a good sense of humor but can be serious when the situation requires it. I enjoy working for LCK and appreciate the management there. In my free time, I love spending time with my family, and my favorite pastime is playing pool and snooker with my son and various friends.

photo of Brian Harrigan from LCK Funeral Services
Brian Hartland

Brian Hartland, our Repatriation Manager, embarked on his journey as a funeral director in 2012 after the unfortunate loss of his father at the age of 55. Before this, he dedicated 12 years to working at the airport as an apprentice in cargo, which equipped him with valuable knowledge for his current role. A devout Christian and active member of his church community, Brian finds fulfilment in supporting families through challenging times. He often says, "I'll never be a millionaire, but I will always have 100% job satisfaction"

Andrew Donnelly from LCK Funeral Support Services
Andrew Donnelly

I handle various aspects of the funeral industry. I am committed to providing families with the utmost care and compassion during their most difficult times.

I've truly enjoyed my nearly three years in this field. During this period, my role has become more of a passion or vocation than just a job.

It has been both a pleasure and an educational experience to be part of our little family at LCK